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VIDEO: Diane Sawyer destroys Hillary Clinton on Benghazi

VIDEO: Diane Sawyer destroys Hillary Clinton on #Benghazi | What Liberals Are Calling Phony Benghazi GOP Hearings, We The People Call Felonies! Someone Needs To Go To Jail Here!

Get it!! BENGHAZI is a propaganda stunt. The GOP were and are bought by the NRA....don't care about the children our people of this country. GOP are only concerned about the wealthy!!

Gun running. There is the truth. This is why our government lied. They lied to keep their dirty secret. They let these men die to keep their covert actions from the American people. Want more of this? I don't. I am voting for Trump. We will know everything he does from day one. M.W. 10/22/16

Correction: It's not JUST the emails, it's ALSO the corruption, the disenfranchisement of the people because SHE doesn't give a damn about US or what WE want! #stillsanders

"The president confirmed again that he discussed this with Putin a year ago. He talked to Putin about this at the G20. The notion that Putin saved Obama is political spin by his critics who are trying to tarnish his diplomatic victory in any way that they can. It is a display of how deeply Republicans hate this president that they are so willing to label Putin a hero, not even a year after their presidential nominee called Russia our biggest rival."

No, Jay, Pearl Harbor happened "a long time ago" - Benghazi happened a few months ago!! It does seem sometimes as if we are watching some comedy show on TV , we just cannot believe this crooks would be so blunt to lie to us the people with already so much dismay for our government. 05-01-2013

How newspapers covered the RNC’s fiery first dayLast night... How newspapers covered the RNC’s fiery first day Last night marked the kickoff of the Republican National Convention, and it was an eventful one. Among other things: A mother whose son died in the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, accused Hillary Clinton of being responsible for his death; Donald Trump’s favorite general led the crowd in a chant of, “Lock her up”; and Trump himself emerged on stage to Queens’ “We Are th..

Republicans can move on so quick from even an attempt to try to reduce gun violence & the 100,000 people who are hit with bullets in this country every year, but continue to harp on Benghazi. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) acknowledged House Republicans consciously voted to cut funds allocated to the State Department for embassy security in 2010 with the objective being to deny anything Obama and Democrats requested. Prior to President Obama there were 60 deaths. Do we know their names? Why…