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How to Start a Budget (When You Suck at Budgeting

How to start a budget... When you suck at budgeting. This was so perfect for me! I get so overwhelmed with a budget. Stuff always comes up last minute and we go over it every time. This answered so many of my questions. Loved it!

Money Skill Worksheets: Shopping for a Match {Special Ed; Autism}

These worksheets are designed to allow students to practice money skills with simple combinations of coins and combinations of bills. I made them for a group of students in special education who wanted to have homework worksheets like their peers but who needed simplified tasks. They would be effective for general education students learning money skills as well as for special education students of all ages working on use of money. $5

JUST A WOMAN? I don't think so. I am awesome with a splash of bitch, a dash of wonderful and one hell of a mother. Remember that!

41 Websites & Apps Thrifty People Use To Save Money

These 41 sites will save you money in many areas of your budget including groceries, clothing, entertainment and more.

Our Cash Budget Envelope System: 3 Month Update! | They say it takes 90 days to form a new habit...well, here's the full run-down of our first 90 days of using our new cash budget envelope system, from the highlights to the challenges and adjustments we've made. We hope our story is an encouragement to you in your own journey toward financial peace. via

How We Saved $1 Million Dollars and Became Financial Independent at 30

Hi everyone! We’re a young couple in our early thirties and we just saved up $1,000,000, quit our jobs, and began our journey of financial independence. - Budgets Are Sexy