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It's our connection That make us so strong and so potentially powerful. It was what told me you loved me. I knew your soul though your words hid your emotions. I just sensed them. Did that frustrate you

Tav, the final letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Tav is the sign or seal of a covenant. It was often used as a mark in the same sense as our signature is today, especially of those who could not read or write. Conceptually, tav is a wounding, as the sealing of a covenant required the wounding of the sacrifice, whose blood sealed the covenant. It resembles a doorpost, as the blood was applied on in Mitzraim (Egypt), thus sealing that household and sparing them from the tragedy of the firstborn.

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Studying a translation is like kissing a bride through a veil. — Hayim Nahman Bialik #Hebrew #Bible

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Hebrew Shabbat & Shema Primer Flash Cards Writing Practice

Hebrew Shabbat & Shema Primer Flash Cards Writing Practice. I'm doing this to teach my children simple prayers thru play for spiritual learning time outside of normal educational play! My must do!!!