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Yehettt~ Sehun so cute.

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He looks ethereal in here. But then I noticed his hand and my heart clencged.


that's like my face when me and my friends are jamming out our fav song and somebody with a very bad vocal tries to hit the high note

Sehun tickling Baek. God I wanna see my Baeks laugh like that again!!  #exo #baekhyun #sehun

God I wanna see my Baeks laugh like that again! lolz i like how sehuns eyes are gone when he laughs

Tao being hot talking to the camera and then there's...Sehun. (GIF)

This idea popped into my head today, I hope you enjoy it! Chanyeol and Baekhyun: “Hello I am Chanyeol and this is Baekhyun and we will be preforming ‘Liar Liar’ by Cris Cab” Chen: “Yes hello this is.