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Fall Vocabulary Cards Game {Dollar deals}

Fall Number Recognition Fun

Fall Autumn Number Recognition Math Fun! If you are not able to use Halloween themed items in your class this set will work perfectly for October and November.

Around the World Travel Classroom Name Plates Back to School

Back To School! Around the World or Travel Name Plates. Come in 6 styles & 2 font types. COMPLETELY editable!

Ecosystems - Biomes, Food Chains, Photosynthesis, Animals & Meet John Muir

This product includes High Interest Informational Articles written in Kid-Friendly Language perfect for Grades 3-5! Articles are about the following environmental science topics:*Types of Ecosystems (Micro, Messo, Biomes)*Biomes: Aquatic and Terrestrial*Abiotic and Biotic*Herbivores, Carnivores, and Omnivores*Natural Cycles of Earth*The Balance of Nature

Autumn / Fall Mystery Puzzles

Fall / Autumn Mystery Pictures Coloring by Number ActivityA fun activity where students have to follow instructions at the bottom of the page to fill numbers in different colors to make a picture!!Great for early finishers, time fillers etc.This includes 11 different pictures.

3rd Grade Writing Prompts

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Fall Math Activities Set 2

Fall Math (NO PREP): Students will love practicing math with these fun math worksheets. Includes:Basic Facts: -Addition-Subtraction-Multiplication-DivisionSubtraction: (3 digits with regrouping)Addition: (3 digits with regrouping)Place Value: Hundreds, tens, and onesWrite the number in wordsWrite the number in expanded formMystery number #1Mystery number #2Comparing NumbersGreater or Less thanSkip CountingOrdering NumbersEven/OddProblem SolvingThanks for buying my product,Cantu's…

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Fall Bingo. Autism & Special Needs. For more resources follow

Fall Writing Prompts & Paper

Hello and thank you for checking this set out. This is a set of 16 fall themed writing prompts and 16 fall themed writing paper. My kiddos really e...