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Gasparilla Pirate Festival - Tampa, Florida. Pirate girls as seen aboard the Jose Gasparilla during Tampa’s annual February Gasparilla Pirate Festival.

Vintage Children's Book, Pirates, Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates, 1949, Harper

Delta Air Lines Tampa Florida Pirate c1965...combining two of the things I love the most: Tampa and Delta!

José Gaspar, known by his nickname Gasparilla (supposedly lived c. 1756 – 1821), was a purported Spanish pirate, the "last of the Buccaneers," who is claimed to have raided the west coast of Florida during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Though he is a popular figure in Florida folklore, no evidence of his existence appears in writing before the early 20th century. His legend is celebrated every year in Tampa with the Gasparilla Pirate Festival...

Wreckage discovered in 2007 off of the Dominican Republic from the Quedagh Merchant, captured in 1698 by the infamous Captain William Kidd. As a privateer working for the British in 1698, Kidd was supposed to attack ships belonging to certain countries (like France, with whom England was at war). He made a mistake with the French-registered Quedagh Merchant . She was carrying goods owned by multinational backers – including the British East Indies – and by stealing her, Kidd became a pirate.

The Chinese Female Pirate Who Commanded 80,000 Outlaws

Ching Shih, who lived and pillaged during the Qing Dynasty, has been called the most successful pirate in history.

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