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10 Best Wearable Tracking Devices To Keep Kids Safe

When it comes to crowded events, theme parks, or simply giving our children the independence to venture out in the world alone, wearable technology with GPS tracking capabilities can be helpful in keeping our children safe. It gives children the freedom to roam and parents the security of knowing where they are roaming. These are the 10 best... see more at

Microsoft is finally ready to rule: Microsoft has a lot planned for its October 6 event. Two flagship Lumia phones with Windows 10, the Surface Pro 4, and many more devices!

If you have any pennies left over from Christmas for the New Year’s sales Microsoft is happy to help relieve your wallet of that burden. The company is now offering up to $300 off most Surface Pro 4 models, with the range starting at a very affordable $699.99 for the cheapest Core i5 model, which makes …

Behold the Pixelstick, a cool new device for creating long-exposure light paintings. It takes any digital image and displays it on an array of LEDs that you can then photography with your camera. Watch it in motion the link:

#Distracteddriving takes you away from the primary task of #driving. Driving requires your full attention at all times. Below are some alarming statistics.

Union Allegations Of Teamster Forgeries Being Investigated By Obama’s ‘Other’ Labor Board | RedState

10 tech trends that will rule CES 2017 Read more Technology News Here --> The first tech event of 2017 is also the year's biggest: CES arrives the first week of January and like a tardy Santa Claus it bestows the world with the gift of new consumer tech of every kind phones cars TVs drones VR you name it. Looked at another way CES tends to catapult new devices and technologies at the world like enormous gobs of spaghetti. The thing about spaghetti though…

Windows 10 leak gives closer look at new apps, Cortana on PC

Microsoft is holding an event in January to showcase the "next chapter" of Windows 10, but a consumer build of the operating system leaked online on Sunday.