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Ixtab - Mayan Goddess of Suicide. To our modern society, She may seem like a terrible Goddess, but in ancient Mayan society, suicide was an acceptable way for one to die; it was believed to lead them directly into paradise.

Vishnu Vishvarupa miniature du XVIIIè siècle, iconographical form and theophany of the Hindu god Vishnu or his avatar Krishna. Vishvarupa has innumerable forms, eyes, faces, mouths, bellies and arms. All creatures of the world are part of him. He is the infinite universe, without a beginning or an end. He contains peaceful as well as wrathful forms.

An Illustration depicting the Goddess Mahakalika, circa 1820. India, Punjab Hills.

This captivating series of original artwork by Anna Novikova is entitled ‘Goddesses of the North’ and features gorgeous representations of Skade, Frøya, Natt, Rån, Siv, Idunn and Hel.