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Equus by ericwhitacre on SoundCloud ,, (‘equus’ is the Latin word for horse) and would also be a virtuosic show piece for winds. The final result is something that's called “dynamic minimalism,” which basically means the love to employ repetitive patterns as long as they don’t get boring.

from Greige Design

Focusing on White Horse III

- Focusing on White Horse III - Framed print with torn edge mounted on white matte board with rustic washed wood frame - Made in the USA - Measures 27.75 x 51.75

Random Inspiration ,The horse is one of two extant subspecies of Equus ferus. It is an odd-toed ungulate mammal belonging to the taxonomic family Equidae.

(via 500px / Friesian stallion Daan by Katarzyna Okrzesik) ༺ß༻ I’m not a big horse person, but this one is beautiful. :)”

Friesian-.xx tracy porter-poetic wanderlust

Individuals who are self-actualized often have what Maslow termed peak experiences, or moments of intense joy, wonder, awe and ecstasy. After these experiences, people feel inspired, strengthened, renewed or transformed..*

Icelandic Horse: for over 1,000 years Icelandic law has prohibited the importation of horses onto the island.

Heading Out. surely God meant for them to be the dominant species...