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Daniel F. Gerhartz --- a modern day master of oils! His work is simply amazing.

norman rockwell chariacture and exaggeration of photo shoot models

Bucky. I love how on his skin the background is the perfect shade, so there is nearly no colour drawn on, just the black outlines and white for highlights, yet it's all that's needed! This is smart art at its best.

from Odyssey

When You're A Stephen King Fan

The image above is NOT the REAL Stephen King. MADONNA'S Father is the real Stephen King (the FBI is allowing an impostor to use his professional alias; King Leonardo is Stephen King, but there is an impostor pretending to be "Stephen King"-----in other words, Marvin Bush is the REAL Stephen King).

Kuvira is an excellent manipulator. Because I don’t think there’s any other way to read this than a power play. It’s just a very deft, non-aggressive (or covertly aggressive) one. She uses her personal connection to these people as a way of disarming them, presenting herself as the reasonable, conciliatory one in an interaction where the other person is angry or confused.

Vittorio Matteo Corcos 1859-1933 | Italy (She was young and dark and very lovely...Her hair hung loosely over her shoulders....)

Saturday Evening Post - 1929-05-04 (Norman Rockwell)