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Spreading awareness of the Moringa tree

Lanna raises funds for Moringa

People infected with HIV/AIDS, are vulnerable to crop failure and poor nutrition. Moringa trees, also known as “The Miracle Tree,” have unusually high nutritional value. Funds raised by RIDE365 will help community members learn how to grow, process and use the leaves which are especially beneficial to suffers from HIV/AIDS, but it also can mean new hope for their families and sustainable nutrition for their communities.

Kuli Kuli: The Superfood Snack to Nourish You & the World A delicious, gluten-free, and raw snack made with a powerful superfood called moringa. Food – Oakland, California, United States

Hearne Hardwoods- "By Phone" ticket sales have started for the two Sapele slabs that we are raffling off at our Open House. Tickets are $20 a piece with only 200 available for each board. All money raised will be donated to either the Moringa Community School of Trades or the Nakashima Foundation for Peace, peace altar transportation fund. (Please click for all the details.)

Organic Tea Tree (Australian)

Epps Urban Homestead a Family based Farm with Organic Fruits, Vegetables, Medicinal Herbs, Moringa Trees, Nuts Grains, Fish Farming, Raising Chickens, Loving our Dogs along with Handcrafting Natural Beauty Botanicals made with homegrown herbs.

Moringa seeds purify water. Using natural materials to clarify water is a technique that has been practiced for centuries and of all the materials that have been used, seeds of moringa tree have been found to be one of the most effective.

Los análisis de laboratorio de las hojas frescas y secas han demostrado que son una fuente muy rica de vitaminas A, C, complejo B y E, así como hierro, calcio, potasio, magnesio y selenio. Las hojas también contienen todos los aminoácidos esenciales, rara entre las legumbres.