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Chapter 12 - Power - This type of power is the unique kind in that it is for the good of all, instead of simply to control. The fact speaks for itself, farmers have a lot of power. I'll be all cliche and quote Spiderman - but seriously - "With great power, comes great responsibility." This makes me so proud to be a farmer, feeding America.

On October 13, 1963, sixteen local pastors dedicated to their local United Way volunteered to devote their Sunday sermon to demonstrate their personal support of the organization. Quoted as “United Fund Sunday” the sermons focused on the local United Way’s mantra: health, financial stability and education. These “men of the cloth” explained the significance of personal sacrifice and feeling of good will in helping those in need. These sermons were later coined as “United Giving”.

My dad teaches agriculture. He helps kids ans makes a big impact in all of their lives...I hope someday, I can do the same when dream, I want to become an agriculture teacher too:)

Help families in need this Thanksgiving with our First Ever Thanksgiving food drive! #fooddrive #thanksgiving