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Paulista de Bocha

Paulista de Bocha on Vimeo

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Hetalia - the World Twinkle (Extra Episode #4: Halloween)

Hetalia - the World Twinkle (Extra Episode #4: Halloween) on Vimeo- I have to pin this because it's the full episode so I'm happy

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Doubles Rap

Doubles Rap on Vimeo

Cortometraje Emotivo corto sobre el aislamiento, la discapacidad, la empatía, la amistad, los video juegos...

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Art Journal Technique

Art Journal Technique | Tissue Paper Texture

from Man Made DIY

29 Ways to Stay Creative

29 Ways to Stay Creative. It might've been better titled 29 Ways to Improve Your Writing or something like that. I mean, not ALL of those seem very . . . creativity inspiring to me but they're still good ideas.

Secret Garden, Portland, Oregon - part of Leach Botanical Garden - can't believe I've never heard of this and I've lived in/on/around Portland most of my life! MUST SEE

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Hard C and Soft C rule in practice

Hard C and Soft C rule in practice by Hippiteehop Studios. When C is followed by a, o or u, it is pronounced "K" as in cat.

How to use Sub Polygon Displacement in Cinema 4D on Vimeo