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예전에 한 교수가 우리의 무자비한 도시개발을 비판하면서 말하길 '하늘에 주렁주렁 걸려있는 전신줄이야 말로 얼마나 우리가 무지했는지를 보여주는 것이다'라고. - 일견 맞는 말이지만, 하~ 아저씨. 그 급하고 한편으론 무자비하기까지 했던 '잘 살기 위한 욕망'이 우리의 성장동력이었던 것을 잊으신건 아니신가요? Think easy. 이제부터 천천히 걷어나가자구요. 그렇게 침을 튀기시면서 당신의, 그리고 우리의 과거를 부정하진 마시구요.

from ArchDaily

C.F. Møller's Proposal for the Örebro Timber Town Blurs the Line Between City and Nature

in Örebro, Sweden. Their design, the Örnsro Trästad - Swedish for “Timber Town” - focuses on the organic integration of new urban development with nature, spotlighting sustainability in both construction and urban planning.

The name and location of this structure is not mentioned.

Beautiful photograph of a green tennis court and yellow seats. We're in the mood to play tennis today.


Where you need to go.

There's an urban legend that's been circulating for years about a taxi cab that doesn't take you where you want to go, but where you need to go. One night, you step into this cab. More


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Spires and Gargoyles

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Lorde - Pure Heroine LP

Did anyone notice how the first line of the album is, "Don't you think it's boring how people talk?" And the last line is, "Let em' talk." I SWEAR SHE IS A GENIUS.