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Love the converse and band idea:) this with muse or imagine dragons or sleeping with sirens!^.^ perfect!

I just stand there going "it's a pierce the veil! Ooohh! Bvb wasn't there last time! Bring me the horizon? Asking Alexandria? I want all of them!" and then I realize my mom freaked when I bought a wristband and wouldn't even come close to letting me have the shirt

Maybe you didn't hear me the first time. I said Go. F***. Yourself. Alright whoever got that is awesome XD

THis song is so beautiful I turn it on and instantly start crying. uhg its too perfect

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Denis Stoff<<<anyone noticed that he's wearing a TØP shirt

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Band shirt kids at school punk pierce the veil asking alexandria

HEY. Don't mess with his accent!!! It's cute :D