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Explore Everlasting Glow, Turmeric and more!

HONEY GLOW: Honey when mixed with lemon and turmeric in the honey glow pack, it gives an everlasting glow.

AGE DEFYING SCRUB - Honey with richness of almond and rice will do the deep cleansing with providing required moisture and the anti oxidants of grapes will fight all the signs of aging to give you younger looking skin.

AGE DEFYING HONEY: Antioxidants of honey and Chiruanji, together works on all the signs of aging. Regular use will lighten existing signs of aging, and will prevent the skin from getting effected by age.

ANTI ACNE SCRUB - A honey based scrub which helps to Say goodbye to Acne, with the great antiseptic qualities of Neem leaves and citrus from orange peel, regular use will avoid reappearing of acne.

HONEY FACE PACKS : Honey has been again recognized as a very vital product with medicinal qualities by various ancient history researches. It works as a repair mechanism for the skin cells which helps to reduce and control the aging of the skin. Honey being a antimicrobial -both antibacterial and anti fungal is helpful in treating acne and other skin conditions.

DAILY SHINE SCRUB - An Oatmeal and almond scrub providing nourishment and Lemon exfoliates the skin. It is a mild scrub to clean the pores and refresh the skin after a long day. Best suited for dry skin.

HONEY SAYS "NO ACNE": Honey has great antibacterial qualities, which mixed with cinnamon and soothing rosewater treats and prevents Acne to reappear.

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