Jenny Holub, videographer, made “Sensory Steps: A Movement Intervention” with Ellen Kogan, a professional dancer turned occupational therapist, who has developed a movement program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other neurological deficits. The program is designed to help these children move more effectively, learn better and improve social skills through the power and language of movement. The video was originally made to be shown as part of Ellen's presentations at the…

“I feel good right now. Ever since I left my job in insurance, I’ve written twelve plays and two children’s books. I’ve had my plays performed in Atlanta, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Yale University. My ex-wife and I have become best friends. I apologize all the time for the man I was before I followed my passion, and she comes to my plays and readings. I moved to New York at the age of 65 to take things to the next level. Now I want to see one of my plays on Broadway.” HONY

Raw milk at The Calf at Foot Dairy "I fucking hate men. Male farmers resent female farmers - they want to control you. My dad always said 'you can't farm there's no money in it'. But I don't do it for the money. I do it so I can sleep at night. If women were still the farmers farming would be different. You don't have to push animals so hard. There wouldn't be any of this industrialisation; the cruelty the chemicals. When I go to a supermarket that's what I see: aisles full of… is one of the best sites you will find for used books. I use it for my needs as well as for picking up books for my children.

The Shell Seekers: Rosamunde Pilcher ~ Born in Lelant, Cornwall, England, Rosamunde Pilcher has written several novels which have their settings in Cornwall. I've enjoyed these books and they have given me a better understanding of Cornwall through the reading of them. For anyone who loves reading, and who loves Cornwall, I highly recommend them.

Until one gives up, they can not find success... When one is utterly defeated, will they have the fullness of The Victory, says The Lord. My son, by what power did Peter walk on water? By what means shall you be destroyed?... Ask of Me, and I will surely do it. In what way is a man destroyed in Me?... Answer, if you know. Yield, My son!... Give up everything... Stop holding on so tightly, to that which must pass away... I am enough! What was it I withheld in My passion?!... Name it, if…

Scholastic Parents: Raise a Reader- So many ideas for reluctant readers, ideas for activities at home, great book recommendations and more!

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