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(Open rp. Guy needed) "Please don't die on me" he cries. "Please" he repeats. I groan and start to close my eyes. I'd just shoved him out of the way of an oncoming car. It had hit me instead. "Stay with me." He said.

"Thana. Θανα. Thana girl. Thana look up at me. Switch. Baby, Switch wake up, wake up."

"I am angry and heavily intoxicated" As if to prove her point a hiccup shook her body. "But I will shoot you and you of all people know I'm a damn good shot." (©Mary Tessmann)

(Rp? I need someone to be him) He pinned me to the ground. I tried to scream but his hand covered my mouth. "You know, you're a very pretty girl." He whispered, smirking. I stared up at him, terrified.

(Open rp. I need someone to be him) I watch as they push a guy in. I pull my damaged wings tight against my sore back. They chain him to the wall next to me and as the walk out they kick me over