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Explore Chongqing China, Spicy Potatoes and more!

重庆 Chongqing

Spicy potatoes. Chongqing, China

Hot and Sour Potato Noodles

Hot and Sour Sweet Potato Noodles--Suan La Fen--Chongqing hot and sour sweet potato noodles |

重庆 Chongqing

Spicy soup. Chongqing, China

重庆 Chongqing

Sliced beef and meatball. Chongqing, China

December 2015. Chongqing Angel Women's & Children's Hospital, Chongqing, China. Photo: Courtesy of IIDA.

11 Spicy Sichuan Recipes

Ants Climbing a Tree | The name for this Sichuanese dish means "ants climbing a tree" because of the way the ground pork clings to the strands of glass noodles.

High-Rise LogicThe design of the Chongqing River Tower represents a delicate balance between simplicity and controlled complexity. SOM created this model in 2010 to demonstrate the concept design for the 300-meter building, sited opposite the dense downtown peninsula of Chongqing, China. In order to address the need for efficient, repeatable floor plates, while meeting the city’s desire for an iconic form in an emerging district, SOM developed a modular design that creates human-scale ...

SIMPLE SONG PROJECT, photographer Luo Dan (b1968, Chongqing City, China; based in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China) employed the traditional collodion wet plate photographic process invented in 1850.