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Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust(review)

Check out Kosé review on Blood the last Vampire! Enjoy :).

Bio Hunter is an OVA from 1995 based off of the manga of the same name. Created by the Fujihiko Hosono, known for his works Crusher Joe and Gallery Fake. Bio Hunter was directed by Yuzo kano and the script was written by Yoshiaki Kawajiri(Ninja Scroll), imageswhich would certainly explain some hiccups in the wrighting(we’ll get into that later). The animation of Bio Hunter was handled by Madhouse which is very apparent considering how wonderfully drawn and animated the whole feature is(we’ll…

Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade is the sequel the 2013 anime, Little Witch Academia by studio Trigger. The First Little Witch Academia was created for Young Animator Training Project’s Anime Mirai 2013 project. After the success of the short, director Yoh Yoshinori and Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 2.34.08 PMStudio Trigger put out a Kickstarter for the sequel. The Enchanted Parade was funded within five hours, which showed how much of a hit the anime was on the internet. I myself am…

Sayo Yamamoto’s claim to fame would undoubtedly be Michiko & Hatchin, as well as Lupin The Third: The Woman called Fujiko Mine. As of fan of both of those works, I can tell you that I was over the moon when I found out that one of the anime industry’s best was making a something for animation expo. So what was Sayo Yamamoto’s Endless Night?

Prison School Episode 8: For the Glory of the Wet T-shirt Contest!(expect spoilers)

As of today I have finally caught up to all of the episodes of Prison School. All I can say is, “wow!” This series has really surprised me. I recall seeing images and previews and I kept thinking “Prison School? that sounds like a pretty dumb concept!” And you know what it’s not like it isn’t, however it’s executed really well!

My Thoughts on Prison School episode 9(Spoilers)