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IC 1805: The Heart Nebula in HDRWhat powers the Heart Nebula? The large emission nebula dubbed IC 1805 looks, in whole, like a human heart. The nebula glows brightly in red light emitted by its most prominent element: hydrogen. The red glow and the larger shape are all created by a small group of stars near the nebula's center.

Features: To massage the abdomen, waist, back, thigh and shank comfortably with the effects similar to that of manual massage. Accelerate blood circulation, relax muscular tissue to alleviate fatigue and pain from work and life by fantastic vibration and far infrared heating function. Super-powerful vibration magnetic wave and heat emission are able to penetrate subcutaneous tissue as far as 4-7 mm and then decompose grease into small pieces to help you lose weight and realize your…

NACEPT 2016 Report: Environmental Protection Belongs to the Public, A Vision for Citizen Science at EPA

Erbium | Er | used for optical fiber amplifier-lasers and a large variety of medical applications (i.e. dermatology, dentistry) rely on the erbium ion's 2940 nm emission, which is highly absorbed in water in tissues, making its effect very superficial. Such shallow tissue deposition of laser energy is helpful in laser surgery, and for efficient production of steam which produces enamel ablation by common types of dental laser.

In this disturbing study, scientists find that breathing auto emissions turns HDL cholesterol from 'good' to 'bad' so that it contributes to clogged arteries!

Washington University in St. Louis - first private nonsectarian law school west of the Mississippi River - first surgical prevention of cancer based on genetic test results - first positron emission tomography (PET) scanner - Proposed the now-common practice of taking aspirin to help prevent heart attacks - world’s first nerve transplant using nerve tissue from a cadaver donor