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The Juno spacecraft just recorded these creepy sounds around Jupiter - ScienceAlert

Ervaar duizenden vallende sterren als de meteorenzwerm Perseïden over de hemel dendert en een vuurwerk van 100 vallende sterren per uur verzorgt. Tussen 11 en 13 augustus vallen de sterren bij bosjes – en gaan al je wensen in vervulling. De komeet Swift-Tuttle komt eens in de 133 jaar door het binnenste zonnestelsel, tussen de zon en Jupiter, en laat een spoor van stof en steentjes achter.

It’s Been 10 Years Since These 5 Bright Planets Aligned -

NASA Funds 'Squid Rover,' for Europa Exploration + 14 Other Far-Out Space Tech Ideas Artist's rendering showing 2015 NIAC Phase I Fellow Mason Peck's soft-robotic rover that could explore ocean-harboring moons such as Europa. It resembles a squid, with tentacle-like structures that harvest power from locally changing magnetic fields.

In these final days of June 2015, the two brightest planets in the night sky are putting on one hell of a show. For skywatchers here on Earth, Venus and Jupiter have steadily been drawing closer together since the start of the month, and will appear to converge completely on June 30, resembling one super-bright planet in the night sky. It's the closest the two planets will appear to us until August 2016. (Click for more)

Fifteen-year-old Tom Wagg first spotted the Jupiter-size exoplanet two years ago. Further observations have now confirmed the existence of WASP-142b, which lies about 1,000 light-years from Earth.