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Le monde merveilleux des méduses vu par Alexander Semenov

Russian marine biologist Alexander Semenov photographs the otherworldly beauty of jellyfish. He is now the leader of a scientist team, set out to travel around the world and explore the mysterious and fragile creature in its natural habitat –the deep sea.

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A Mindmap Of How To Be Productive

Infographic author Anna Vital has narrowed down how to be productive to just seven crucial factors: tech, clothes, hacks, body, schedule, food & mind

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Hard to believe that these 15 fairy tale forests actually exists in real world!

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D'étranges petites créatures récemment filmées à 20.000 lieues sous les mers

These alien-looking creatures were discovered by America's Ocean Exploration Team on the seafloor near Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The Puerto Rico

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Time to Man up

Think all bears are the same well they're not. What do if you encounter a brown bear or a black bear, which do you fight and which one do play dead? This site is awesome its for men but I find it interesting for myself to. More

"American Gothic," modernized to "Portlandia" □ 20 Modern Remakes Of Famous Paintings | Bored Panda

The planets in the heavens move in exquisite orbital patterns, dancing to the Music of the Cosmos.  There is more mathematical and geometric harmony than we realize.   The idea for this article is from a book Larry Pesavento shared with me.  The book, 'A Little Book of Coincidence' by John Martineau, illustrates the orbital patterns and several of their geometrical relationships.  .