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9 Important Ways a Parent Can Build a Child's Confidence

This is such a good read! As a teacher, I hope more parents would read about building their child's confidence. I see how easy it is to say good job too often and step in before your kids can problem solve on their own. Parents, please read this!

I blame the Phan shippers<<<Yep we're responsible for it

Know your rights (4) Search

Karen Jurick, A young woman reading a city guide in a hotel lobby in Chicago

Know your rights (7) At Home

Ne-Fe Loops. ENTPs/ESFJs slow a bit and introspect; engaging Ti or Si, respectively. You'll save yourself a shitload of heartbreak and others from such, as well. ^^^Totally accurate. This loop occurs due to not having achieved Erickson's Identity vs Identity confusion stage, yet; or by external info not Ti evaluated enough to understand the logical underpinnings beneath the false subjective perspective of the surface of the irrational. So the Ne-Fe loop in ESFJs and ENTPs becomes…

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