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Ways of Living to Lessen Runaway Thoughts

Mindfulness involves noticing, without self-criticism or judgment, the bodily sensations, thoughts, and emotions that are coming up. Check here some ways to avoid overthinking:

I blame the Phan shippers<<<Yep we're responsible for it<<<I think it's fine to ship them, but don't bother them or their families or friends about it. Treat it like a guilty pleasure that you don't want others to know. If they are really together, that's great. If they are not, that's great too. A lot of their "fans" seem to forget that.

Der Künstler August Kiss schenkte dem preußischen Staat die Plastik des "Heiligen Georg“ zu Pferd. Sie stand ab 1865 im Äußeren Hof des Schlosses. Berlin, um 1900. o.p.

9 Proven Ways Parents Can Help Their Child be Confident

This is such a good read! As a teacher, I hope more parents would read about building their child's confidence. I see how easy it is to say good job too often and step in before your kids can problem solve on their own. Parents, please read this!