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Photo of a grizzly bear family taken during a Rolf Hicker Photo Tour in British Columbia, Canada.

The Grizzly Bear is possibly the bear best known for its fierceness. When Grizzly stands on its back haunches its sheer presence and the shadow it casts can be quite alarming. Grizzly teaches the importance of taking a stand and commanding power. Because its large size the Grizzly as a totem represents an especially keen sense of knowing.

~~Give Your head a Shake ~ Grizzly Bear Shakin' It Off by Nature's Photo Adventures - David Hemmings~~

Brown Bear in the Grass (by toryjk)...Grizzly bear cubs will run to their mother for protection. Black and Brown bear cubs are taught to run for the trees. This may have something to do with more people being killed by Grizzlys, than Black and Brown numbers being low on this issue.