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Thalia always brings the bling. These shiny, sparkly and super stylish bangles, bracelets and necklaces from her Thalia Sodi collection are perfect for layering or wearing alone. But if you take a page out of Thalia’s book —the more, the merrier!

Thalia, Annabeth, Nico, and Percy, and their relationships with their godly parents. Haha Poseidon

What about Percy?<<< and Jason<<< WE ARE FORGETTING THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON.....*whispers* Leo..<-well can you name a person in Disney who looks like Leo as a kid?<< Jack Jack

Wow, even Thalia and Rachel were included. HAHA. Nobody really likes Frank.< who could not like frank? He's like a soft cuddly panda bear, and I relate to him most.<== frank had a growth spurt.. He's probably around Jason's height<< I feel like Annabeth should be shorter...<<<< *whispers* where's Nico *disappears into the shadows*

I want to write secret messages on beach driftwood ---- bring along a sharpie

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DIY Halloween Gift Idea and Halloween Printable

Looking for a fun and unique Halloween Gift Idea that your friends and family would love to get? Check this out. Free Halloween Printables!

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La Bruja del Páramo

ch: alec lightwood.

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10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (451)

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Lemme see ummm Percy annabeth Leo Calypso Jason piper frank hazel Rachel Reyna NICO WILL Bianca Zoe Luke grover Clarisse conner travis Thalia chris Katie Selena Beckendorf ( Charlie ) tris TOBIAS Will Christina Uriah Katniss Peeta Gale Prim Finnick Annie - guys I have a lot more ideas but by then my stomach would look like a jungle with all of those stretch marks

Why octavian got included here and not will or someone like that I don't know but this is soooo cool