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What is the point in it

Outfit 5 - Knit, Fishing net, weave and hand knit

4x2 Basket Weave ... STITCHES: knit (right and wrong sides), purl (right and wrong sides), edge stitch ... PATTERN: 8 rows ... STITCH NUMBER: multiple of 6 + 6 + 2 edge stitches ... DIFFICULTY: easy

▶ How to Knit the BASKET WEAVE Stitch: Knitting Lessons for Beginners - YouTube

3D Textiles - pebble textures & chunky knit; textile design for fashion

A blend of furniture and textile design is used in this graduation project by Kata Monus. The weave cleverly dissolves into the wood; an impressive and unifying detail.

Fashion Designer Resident: Juliana Sissons - Victoria and Albert Museum/Black and grey knitted sample with weave and partial knitting technique Wool and rubber