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30 фотографий, сделанных за секунду до неизбежного

As you can tell by the title, this is the 5th post on birds--not counting a couple entries about specific species. Each time I publish a bird post I am sure I must have exhausted all the most spectacular bird species and photographs. Once again I find more to share. I hope you enjoy and at the end, if you don't want to stop, you can follow th

Do All Dogs Choose Red Wine?

What a cutie! I am slowly falling in love with bulldogs! I am adding him to my larger dog loving list! (For when I win the lottery and buy a small farm and can have as many pets as I want and afford to pay someone to help me care for them(due to my disabilities) and have lost of space for them to roam.)

Tea cup Dog I would probably loose her undermy bead

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