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I'm Batman

I'm Batman

Batman! Minimalist poster

Batman- way cool

Estas ilustraciones nos muestran diferentes diseños de Batman en los que forma parte de otros periodos históricos

¿Cómo se vería Batman en distintas épocas de la historia?

Zombie Batman - From the series "What would Batman look like if he existed in different time periods?

Night wing/Josh Peck.

Night wing/Josh Peck.


Dark art: Joker - maybe do a villain issue?

Oh My Gosh!! I can't think abdbskamaisbskw aoqpsbxhsnshsb  this is my wedding cake for when I marry Jamie Fraizer!!! Forget Batman!

♡❤ ❥ Bagpipe tartan cake, if it's for a true Scotsman then the bottom layer under the kilt should be with no frosting in other words " naked " :-)

Awesome 'Hulk%27s+Gym' design on TeePublic!

Awesome 'Hulk's Gym' design on TeePublic!


Bane Is he gonna break the Batman in the new film.