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Happy 4th! This week's Mani. In hind sight I would have done it different. But, it sparkles so I'm OK with it! Practice makes perfect and I needed LOTS of practice! Happy 4th everyone here in the USA!

<3 Doc Bar - the original quarter horse booty have had many of his offspring.

Chicken Enchilada Pizza

All-of-them! But #13....story of my life the last year and a half. So glad to put that behind me!

16 Extraordinarily Successful People Who Failed Miserably Before They Made It

Frida Kahlo - Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?


You can never have too many studs, but you do need a place to store all of them

Stag beetle . Chiasognathus granti . Chile . During the breeding season, the male stag beetles use their magnificent mandibles as a warning signal to other males, raising them in a defensive and aggressive posture to ward off a contender. vma.

many people are beautiful but only few have true inner beauty.we can cover up the imperfections on the outside but the ones inside which we cant hind are what make us who we are..("Penelope" movie)

The Bordered Patch (Chlosyne lacinia) is an extremely variable butterfly. The upper side of the wings is mainly black with the fore wing having rows of white and/or yellow-orange spots of varying sizes. There is usually one whitish spot in the fore wing cell. The hind wing has many color variations: from completely black to having some red postmedian spots to having a few rows of white postmedian spots to having an all red-orange area to having a yellow-orange postmedian band.

So many baby pugs! #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists