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My Lower Back Pain was a Sign of Blood Clots: Kevin Jauregui’s Blood Clot Story

Kevin experienced lower back, but he didn't think much of it - until one morning he woke up in too much pain to walk. Testing revealed blood clots in Kevin's leg and factor V Leiden. Kevin says, "I also wish it was more widely known that a cause of lower back pain could be blood clots. Hardly any of the doctors I interacted with were aware of that, and I have had many excellent and heroic doctors who helped keep my body intact."

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A Knee Injury Turned Dangerous: Jamie Kreger’s Blood Clot Story

Jamie Kreger experienced a blood clot after being immobilized due to a knee injury and also due to taking estrogen-based birth control. Read her story.

Knowing Your Risk Could Save Your Life: Jessica Nichols' Blood Clot Story

Jessica Nichols was diagnosed with a blood clot in her lung when she was 28 years old as a result of estrogen-based birth control. Read her story here and learn more about blood clots signs and symptoms.

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Know Your Risk for Blood Clots: Arianna's Blood Clot Story

Arianna was only 21years old when she got the worst unexpected news of my life and was diagnosed with blood clots. She's sharing her story to help make other women aware of the risks for blood clots when taking estrogen-based birth control.

A Clot at 19 Years Old: Ashley Graves’ Blood Clot Story

Two months after she started taking estrogen-based birth control for acne, Ashley wasn't feeling well. She went to the urgent care at the urging of her family and was soon diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism or blood clot in her lung. Surviving a blood clot has changed her perspective on life. Ashely writes, "Now, I live life everyday thankful to be alive. I take nothing and no one for granted."

Born with Prothrombin Mutation Gene: Tyson Goddard’s Blood Clot Story

Tyson Goddard was healthy when she received a blood clot diagnosis that changed her life. She now lives blood clots in her brain, stomach & spleen. Tyson shares, "This experience changed my awareness about my own body. When something is wrong it is important to not be scared to tell the doctor, 'Something is wrong.' Live life to its fullest - every day, every minute, and every second counts."

33 Common Words & Phrases You Might Be Saying Wrong

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My Blood Clot Journey: Kaitlyn Hoy’s Blood Clot Story

Kaitlyn was 28 years old when she, after weeks of searching for answers as to why she had persistent pain and swelling in her leg, finally received a diagnosis that changed her life. She had blood clots in her leg and lungs. Her doctors believe her blood clots were due to a combination of factors, including estrogen-based birth control, a flight to Japan, and factor V Leiden (FVL).