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DT Flat Custom Ink Colors/Mike Iaconelli - pull bass off ambush points and from deep points. High contrast patterns enhance the flat sided hard-flashing action. The enhanced coffin lip deflects off underwater obstacles in a darting, escape-style blast fish find hard to resist. Long-casting, each possess DT preset depth control, diving to strike zone and staying there. Internal rattle chamber adds baritone sound attraction. VMC® black nickel hooks.

StutterStep, because it can be stopped next to fishy cover and walked in place - with some quick twitching an angler can make the StutterStep turn its head back and forth while staying next to a target - it throws off a nasty little tail kick upon every twitch which allows the the angler to tease the fish out of the cover. When this big lure lands next to the cover its presence can’t be denied by bass.

Culprit incredi-swim, when the bass are more finicky, great when there's a bit of cloud cover, good body roll, rig it w/a belly hook & a blade for a lil' flash

Culprit Incredi-Frog - great for early spring when the water warms up, bass go shallow, buzz it around cover, the banks

Rapala Slab Rap - lipless crankbait With quick rod snaps the Slab Rap searches in wide, erratic directions, circling back to center after pause. Lift-drop motion creates subtle vibration on rise, followed by evasive side-to-side motion on the fall. Weight forward design enables a rocking action for triggering negative fish.

Rapala DT: Metal 20 - The DT® (Dives-To) series of crankbaits, dive fast to a preset depth and stay in the “strike zone” longer than any than other crankbait on the market, 3D holographic/painted eyes. All come with premium VMC® black nickel hooks