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The Top 8 Conspiracy Theories About The New World Order

Published on Oct 17, 2016 NSA hacked DNC to STOP Hillary CLinton from reaching the White House as President of USA. - "FBI has ALL of HILLARY's DELETED EMAILS & DNC hack was DONE by US Intelligence, Not RUSSIA" - NSA Whistleblower. ~~ Links: 1) VIDEO: Napolitano: Why would the NSA hack the DNC 2) 3)

U.S. Media Silent as U.N. Security Council Accuses Obama of War Crimes OCTOBER 10, 2016 ** VIDEO'S INCLUDED MUST WATCH"

Wikileaks Bombshell: Hillary Chair, Podesta, Owned 75,000 Shares in Put... Published on Oct 14, 2016 PODESTA should RESIGN from HILLARY Campaign! He DID NOT report his ownership of 75,000 shares in Putin controlled company, Russian Company. - Wikileaks Bombshell: Hillary Clinton chair, John Podesta, Owned 75,000 Shares in Putin-Connected Energy Company. ~~

URGENT: "US Citizens Warned To Prepare For Nuclear Threat" Published on Oct 16, 2016 US Citizens are warned to prepare for Nuclear Threat also Help Us Spread the Word also also

from The Sun

Putin orders all Russian officials' relatives living abroad to return to ‘motherland’ as he 'prepares for WWIII'

WAR READY Putin orders all Russian children and relatives studying abroad to return to the ‘motherland’ as he ‘prepares for WWIII’ Move comes after Moscow held defence drills for 40m citizens in apparent preparation for an all-out nuclear war BY JON LOCKETT 13th October 2016, 11:02 am

WikiLeaks exposes Clinton emails revealing link to President OCTOBER 14, 2016

from The Sun

US 'plotting to allow 9,000 ISIS fighters to escape terror capital Mosul', Moscow claims

SECRET 'TERROR DEAL' America ‘plotting to allow 9,000 ISIS fighters to escape terror capital Mosul so they can attack Russian troops’, Moscow outrageously claims Claims US 'will let ISIS retreat from Mosul in safety in a secret deal with Saudi Arabia' BY JON LOCKETT 13th October 2016, 12:03 pm

New Obama Executive Order Hints At Devastating Space Event: “Could Disable Large Portions Of The Electrical Power Grid… Cause Cascading Failures” Posted on October 16, 2016

Pentagon Officials Admit Afghan Soldiers Have Disappeared From US Military Bases "The Defense Department is assessing ..." by Fred Maxwell October 6, 2016