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As my hair has been growing longer and longer, I have turned my attention to figuring out the best hair products. I have a slight obsession with hair products, however I usually focus my attention on the one that can be found on a drugstore. I’ve found that higher-end products and cheaper ones are usually the same. So, without further adieu, here are my favorite hair products!Since my hair is so long right now, I want to make sure it looks as thick and healthy as possible. I used to use the…

Crush 2-3 Prenatal Pills in your shampoo to make your hair grow longer faster! Who knew?! by iceprincess1

10 Tips for Getting Longer, Thicker, Sexier Hair

10 Tips for Getting Longer, Thicker, Sexier Hair - From super-easy styling tricks to game-changing cuts and nutrient-rich foods, here's how to have the hair you always wanted, but never knew how to get.

This Might Be the Very Best Hair Mask at the Drugstore Right Now

so i definitely have a problem with dying my hair WAY too much! after the last time i dyed it, i caused major damage to my hair, so i used this along with my other conditioners. now my hair looks super healthy and it didn't take long at all.

50 Formal Celebrity Hairstyles to Inspire You

Kirsten Dunst Short Hair, so cute someone talk me out of cutting my hair!