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To love someone is to love them selflessly. Letting them go and knowing that they will be better without you. It's a sad way to look at it, but then again, it's not really sad at all. You want to see people you truly care about happy, not sad or broken. You want them to become better, stronger, wiser and happier...and you hope that one day they find a love that inspires them. No amount of hate or revenge helps people move on, only love does.. And when you can let go of what's not meant for…

Life really is simple if you let it be. That doesn't mean you always have to like it. But, the sooner you accept the simple truths like this one, the sooner you move on to the extraordinary life you're meant to live. #simpletruths

It really depends on how strong that person is, and if they really want to be In your life or they just need to move on and move forward.

Too many places, songs, things, words, remind me of us. You meant the world to me and whatever you think I did I could never hurt you and deep down you know that's true.

Wow, found my soulmate. What to do with my spouse?

The most miserable people... yes. A lot of people are always upset and they don't care or even acknowledge other peoples problems. Its pretty bad