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from Annees de pelerinage

A secret luxury hotel right at the gates of Machu Picchu

Unbelievable: Did you know that there is a luxury hotel right inside Machu Picchu? I stayed 3 nights at the Belmond Sanctuary lodge and enjoyed the beautiful view on the ancient Inca ruins from their hot tub. Looking for Hotels in Aquas Calientes? Find out about this hotel in Machu Picchu itself!

Cloud People of Peru. The figures' gazes are fixed where the first rays of the rising sun will appear over the vast Utcubamba Valley. Known as the Warriors of the Clouds, the Chachapoyas (a name given to them by the Inca who conquered them shortly before the arrival of the Spanish) were an ancient Andean people who inhabited the rain forests of northern Peru. Their civilization was decimated in the 18th century but they remain as a strain within general indigenous ethnicity in modern Peru.

A pectoral of gold and turquoise beads, Ancient Peru, ca 1AD-800 AD

Ancient ruins of Machu Picchu in fog, Peru, by Joerg Bonner

Moche stirrup-spout bottle with snake, Peru, 2nd–3rd C. Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC.

from Annees de pelerinage

20 things to do in Cusco, the Capital of the Incas

A list of 20 absolutly beautiful things to do in Cusco, Peru. Once the capital of the Inca Empire, it is now a major tourist attraction in Peru.

Earring of Lord of Sipán from ancient Peru, between 200 BD to 700 AD. Gold, turquoise and wood