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Troops of the 150th Infantry Division of the Red Army strike a pose on the steps of the ruined Reichstag in Berlin. In the foreground, the 14-year boy in uniform is the adopted son of the division's Artemenkov Regiment, May 1945.

German machine gun element takes up position on the outskirts of Sevastopol in the Crimea. The siege and battle for control of this port city unfolded from Oct 1941 well into the summer of 1942, with the last Soviet resistance suppressed by the German on July 9.

Female officers of the 46th Taman Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment Comdr Evdokia Davydovna Bershanskaya (1913-1982 left) Sq Cmdr Maria V. Smirnova (1920-2002 - standing) and Polina Gelman (1919-2005) Head of Communication of the Aviation. Some analysts suggest that the degree of integration of women in the Red Army during WW2 remains unparalleled to this day among all armed forces of the world (with the exception of China and North Korea).