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That happened when I went to see the poltergeist remake... There was one supporting actor that was in the movie the watch and I couldn't remember that... It bugged me soooooooo much.

The torture! Watched a dogs purpose the other day and I just couldn't remember why I knew the voice of the dog. Then found out it was Josh Gad and was ashamed I didn't realise

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Yes, and when your room or house isn't cleaned blame global warming. It's the cause to everything else already so why not.

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Worst moment EVER or u be like *slams door out of anger* then yo bladder be like oh sorry I gotta be and ur just like I have to sneak out like a ninja so they won't see me or when u forget ur phone

People are damn stupid

Every one is true except for the second one! I will gladly go into a dark scary place first!

Hahahaha same! I ALWAYS text first, very few people ever text me first, but that's still rare I guess we're just busy people!

I'm so lonely - isn't that sad. But don't text me - I'm busy - got things to do. But, why don't you ever text me?

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