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Green Blast Suede Wedge Sandal

I've been to lambeau for a Monday night game right after an ice storm it was nasty cold but super fun...and yes sold out!!!

1970s Avocado - pretty awful. I rented a house in the early '90s that looked very similar except everything was Harvest Gold. I'm betting in 40 years everyone will be making fun of stainless steel.

Or you just had a car that was old enough to need two keys. I may be both though, who knows. LOL! I just remember having the two keys. The round one for the door & the square one for the ignition.

1975 Sears Lighting my parents had a set of lamps kinda like the 2nd on the bottom. I loved those lamps. The bottom part had amber glass and could be left on as a night light.

Barbie case - Had to take my Barbies whereever I went as a little girl ~~ they were my comfort blanket!

Here's a blast from the past that didn't last long: Heinz Green Ketchup! They used to have purple too!

70s era crock pot. My mom had this one just like this... gave it to me years later. I still use it today! It'll outlast me, I'm sure.