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"State Rep. John Kriesel (R-Cottage Grove) is proud to be working with the Amputee Coalition on a bill that would ensure fairness in medical coverage for those who have lost limbs. That’s because he knows first-hand what limb loss is like."

Bespoke Innovations, Inc. was founded in 2009 by an Industrial Designer and an Orthopedic Surgeon whose mission was to bring more humanity to people who have congenital or traumatic limb loss.

Recovering from loss of limbs is a challenge for all troops wounded in combat. Lance Cpl. John Tucker brings us the story of a group of Wounded Warriors who surpassed their wounds to athleticism.

31 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity In 2014

The bus driver who stopped his bus, which was full of passengers, to comfort a bullied girl he saw crying on the footpath.

Handi Medical Supply has been honored with the 2012 Home Medical Equipment (HME) Excellence Award. Company officials attribute the award largely to Handi Medical’s focus on mission, vision and values.

That would be awesome to do. This man probably practiced one million times>> anyone else spotted the sign in the background at the end that says 'flip at your own risk' lol xD

Toddler to Take First Steps With Prosthetic Legs

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