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For a second I thought this was the Doctor because that sounds like something he would tell a child who feels useless or out of place. When the cast the Doctor they don't just choose an actor they choose some one who embodies the spirit and kindness and character traits of the Doctor

I NEED MORE OF THIS AND DOES THIS MEAN THAT CAS IS FRANCE<---I need this. Is Russia Gabriel? <--- Canada is Adam, cause everyone forgets about him

from Webfail

Fandom overload!! - Fun Picture

Supernatural/Doctor Who mash up for the win.

Due to supernatural and superheroes I have a really hard time accepting death in TV shows. I'm always like "nah they'll be back"

from janeaustenrunsmylife

Paging Dr. Sexy

"... It's a guilty pleasure." That's how I think Dean and Sam would feel about Supernatural if they were just normal people and Supernatural was about two other hunters. They'd be total fans, but wouldn't want to admit it :)

Dr Who, Sherlock and Supernatural, along with Homestuck (webcomic) and Hetalia (anime) make "The Big 5", five biggest fandoms on the internet

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