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Ten Tips for Dremels and Rotary Tools

I can't give you advice here except make you aware: there are a host of attachments for Dremel. Whether it's the drill press for handmade PCBs, or the flexible shaft for tight spaces, take a look and choose what's best for you.

Get the Most out of your Dremel

Ten Tips for Dremels and Rotary Tools

Know your Bits It can be daunting to look through the plethora of bits in your kit before deciding which one to use. Do some research and figure out which is best for your application.

Ten Tips for Dremels and Rotary Tools

It's tempting to turn it up to ten and go at it-- resist this urge. Dremels can spin up to RPM. If your plastic starts melting or your wood starts smoking, dial down the speed.

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