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Culture Bandits...!! This is WHY knowledge of SELF and knowing HISTORY is important... While you're trying to master the art of getting a JOB and practicing PROPER SPEECH, they are mastering your ancestors spirituality and claiming credit for it while they KEEP u in the DARK and INFERIOR....!

CBT Model - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is a type of therapy that focuses on the relationships and connections between our thoughts, feelings and actions. We are each affected by the environment in which we live. This environment involves both our current situations (family, friends, job, culture, various stressor and supports) as well as our past (our family history, past relationships, previous successes and failures). 4 elements of ourselves that interact with each other (model)

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Growth Mindset Videos

I've been collecting resources on developing a "Growth Mindset."  These videos could be used to teach students about the value of embracing challenges and finding a way to learn from mistakes.

Years ago I read A Midwife’s Story, by Penny Armstrong and Sheryl Feldman. It chronicles Penny’s work as a midwife among the Amish during the 1970s. I had two of my four babies at home. Because I had that “shared experience” with the women in the book, I felt connected to them. I “knew” their stories. But I never dreamed that shared experience would be a primary bond to a real-life Amish woman—I’ll call her Mary—more than twenty years later.