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If general practice fails, the whole NHS fails, argue healthcare experts | University of Cambridge

the failed war on drugs & trying to repeal marijuana legislation to make it illegal again, even as medicine, for example.

Interior of the tomb of Tutankhamun, Valley of the Kings, UNESCO World Heritage Site, West Bank, Luxor, Thebes, Egypt, North Africa, Africa

Culture Bandits...!! This is WHY knowledge of SELF and knowing HISTORY is important... While you're trying to master the art of getting a JOB and practicing PROPER SPEECH, they are mastering your ancestors spirituality and claiming credit for it while they KEEP u in the DARK and INFERIOR....!

"Other cultures are not failed attempts at being you." ~Wade Davis ღ Sue Fitzmaurice, Author ღ #cultures

Kokeshi dolls. Some historians argue that these were intially analogues for lost children either through failed pregnancies or infanticide which was a common practice throughout Japanese history. This would be because of the similarity of the word Keshi (erase) and Ko (child). Though others argue it is simply Ko (child) and Keshi (doll).Because the historical origins are disputed kokeshi don’t have any particular kanji associated with them and simply use the hiragana こけし. It’s likel