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I really enjoyed this book. I've read it a couple of times now. I like the presentation of Elizabeth and Mary's lives. Definitely a good read for those of you undecided who you prefer. This confirmed my view that Elizabeth dealt with the Crazy Mary situation as well as she could. No, not Crazy Mary. Unwise Mary. Rash Mary.

Goldfinch. They usually arrive in pairs but had seven in the garden once. I'm hoping to see some of these during my Big Garden #Birdwatch. How about you?

Dan and Phil are a pair of wonderful human beings. How can you not love them? ❤

Tea! N.B -cream tea is served with jam- not marmalade!(marmalade is served with breakfast toast!); it's 'elevenses' & is morning TEA break! low tea generally means tea & a sandwich & possibly cake or a biscuit - has nothing to do with seating arrangements!?

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30 Very British Problems

30 Very British Problems | 30 Very British Problems

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Pemberley ..."then you approve of it?" "I don't think it needs my approval." "Just the same, I'd like to have it." Oh, Mr Darcy...