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Pheasant Photo by Jaromir Ondra — National Geographic Your Shot

The Reeves's Pheasant is a large bird endemic to China. Due to ongoing habitat loss, and overhunting for food, and its tail plumes, the Reeves's Pheasant is evaluated as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. There are thought to be only around 2000 of these birds remaining in the wild.

Grey Peacock Pheasant Lives in Southeast Asia. Ummm... might be going on an adventure to find one!

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What Color Best Describes You?

Himalayan Monal [pheasant family] - Thanks to Karen Harrison, who previously pinned this to the most generic of my bird boards.

Tibetan Blood Pheasant (Ithaginis cruentus tibetanus) - Adult male;Thrumshingla National Park, Bhutan

Willow Ptarmigan, Denali National Park, Alaska (Lagapus lagopus)

Golden Pheasant, Chrysolophus pictus (Galliformes - Phasianidae)

sergeymihali:  The grey peacock - pheasant (Polyplectron bicalcaratum), also known as  Burmese…)

Himalayan Monal - E.Afghanistan through Himalayas in Pakistan, Kashmir Republic of India, Nepal, S.Tibet, Bhutan