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Something we liked from Instagram! Now that's cutting it close on an overnight build! #3dprint #3dprinter #3dprinting #filament by proto_pasta check us out:

Incredible false limb design, courtesy of 3D printing, and computer engineered to specifically fit the patient; no more bulky prosthetics!

Using Acetone to Smooth 3D Prints. Quite Amazing:

from Co.Design

This Robot Can 3-D Print A Steel Bridge In Mid-Air

from Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

3D Printing Brings Schooling Home

There are two means of incorporating 3D printing into a homeschool plan. One, of course, is by getting a 3D printer for your home. (More on that later.) A simpler means is through a veritable wealt...


3D Printing Class

Learn everything you need to know to design and 3D print your own creations. Learn: Fusion 360 (free 3D modeling program), the ins-and-outs of desktop 3D printing, and finally, how to sketch by hand (to generate solid ideas).

from MakeUseOf

9 Apps To Easily Make 3D Printable Objects

One of the problems with printing is getting a hold of things to print. You can of course download pre-made objects from a variety of places like Thingiverse; but if you want something unique and made by you, that's where things get a little difficult.