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An awesome Virtual Reality pic! #parallelvr #vr #virtualreality #parallel by artur.diukarev check us out: http://bit.ly/1KyLetq

Virtual Reality And A Parallel Universe Of Cyberclones One of the biggest technology trends of 2015 was virtual reality (VR) from Oculus Rift to Googles cardboard headsets. TechCrunch SF Disrupt 2015 saw a lot of VR experiences where users could wear headsets and navigate in an immersive 3D world. In Las Vegas CES demonstrated a range of new gadgets and gaming experiences involving both VR and AR (augmented reality e.g. Magic Leap). Read More Source : http://ift.tt/1mKFHGU Filed under…

Star Wars Dips Into Virtual Reality With Jakku Spy Created In Parallel With The Force AwakensThe Star Wars marketing blitz is on with everything from trailers hitting the internet to cans of food donning the likeness of characters at the supermarket. ridiculous this is. http://pic.twitter.com/ib1WCwcuwI Yoda (@yoda) September 5 2015 People are flat out excited to see this new installment Star Wars: The Force Awakens on December 18th. To feed that excitement the official Read More

The consumer electronic drive to high definition and virtual reality is having a curious, parallel impact on sound. And so it is that Sennheiser now want to market binaural recording to your average smartphone owner – really. Now, of course, the normal human perception of reality includes both visual depth perception and the ability to localize sound in a 360-degree sphere around the head. That is, provided only one’s eyes and ears are fully functional and each pair is intact, the human…

Gamer n evry sense, dfins r tech-obsessed society (increasingly parallel 2 virtual reality).Crafted her own sci-fi game+ trnd it n2 1 of most successful tech companies n the industry. Her success=easily slips n2 alter personality.Fully embraces sci-fi fantasy+is obsessed w/new teleportation theories, explrd n her latest game release. Evrythng abt her surrndngs exude xtrm reality=slick, hydyra-charged colors2performance tech materials n office+home.Gadgets. VR Laura Croft…

An awesome Virtual Reality pic! Parallel lives #parallel #not really #architecture #architect #building #blancoynegro #b&w #mirrored #virtualreality #insane #virtualspace by arktrux check us out: http://bit.ly/1KyLetq

When done well, Virtual Reality is a trip to unknown, far-off and fantastic lands, a flight of fancy, a peek into a parallel universe and a foray into the future of entertainment.

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