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Talk the talk // walk the walk by arjanaujla_

If People Talk Behind Your Back What Does That Mean ?? Means That Hundreds Of Steps ahead Of Them Are Continue Your Walk... #95 by abwolfazl

Fear the @amctalkingdead is back tonight! Last week @themichelleang wasted no time losing dead weight on the raft. @chrisjerichofozzy was understandably horrified but @lorenzohenrie was pretty okay with it. by hardwick

Selena: I fakely smile at the camera, Justin grabs my hand with our son Jack. Once the camera men leave, I scold at him once the cameras aren't looking, he mutters, "let's just get this shit over with" I grab Jack and hold him up and place him on my waist. We walk to the stage and sit by each other Jack on his lap. I see Justin playing with Jack and I smile, "if only things were like this in real life" he looks at me, "not this again" - (be Justin)

OF COURSE Strand would hit $1.00 the first time he spun the @therealpriceisright wheel. Colman Domingo is fantastic on @feartwd and even better in real life! @amctalkingdead by hardwick

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