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"The Magpie" by Monet. This is one of my FAVORITE paintings! Nowhere in this painting does monet use white. It is all blues and pinks and yellows things like that to make the illusion of white and create the magical sun on snow effect. Amazing!

Waterlily cuff Inspiration : Famous painting from Monet "Water lily pond" Design : Selecting combination of the colors and tones in 3 shades Color : If you like red tone, it can go with yellow, orange, and red. In this case, I used blue tone, blue, green, and purple because my rubber background is white. I used white background as it represents clear water.

Monet lesson plan. Paint a blue, purple and or green wash of watered down acrylic paint) onto the paper. Lily pads from green tissue paper in the shape of an oval; purple, yellow, pinks and white wrapped around the eraser end of a pencil to make flowers.

Monet sitting next to the waterlily pond in his garden at Giverny in France Palettes and Techniques of Monet

Monet's dining room. Has always inspired me to love rooms with yellow walls and Farrow & Ball have a lovely range. R McN

Loft Ruffle Watercolor Dress Sz 4P Be the Belle of the Ball for a day with this beautiful LOFT floral watercolor dress. It reminds me of a Monet Waterlilies painting. The background is a gray/dusty blue with purples, navy, white, and hints if sage/yellow. Length is 33" and hits right above the knee. The size says 4P, but I think it can fit regular as well. It's not that short. Excellent condition. No snags, rips, or tears. Sz 4P LOFT Dresses

Materials needed: Note: all of these materials can be found at most craft and hobby stores 9″ x 12″ Gessobord (or primed hardboard) Acrylic craft paints (purple, white, mint green and slate blue) Water soluble crayons (blue and green) 2-step crackle glaze Willow or vine charcoal

tape bridge/path. sponge paint- or green areas. do traingle fo large trees.They start with yellow, then green, then blue for shadow areas, especially in the trees. sky, first white, then blue, leaving some areas white for cloud shapes .The flower painting is done with Q tips

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