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13oz. FR Carpenter Jeans | 100% Cotton

P-INDC SIZE GUIDE Care Instructions LAPCO FR™ flame-resistant carpenter jeans have a comfortable fit and multiple pockets for keeping your tools and personal items within reach. These jeans have various comfort and compliance features to keep you safe and sound on the job. You know what they say... "Keep your friends close, and your tools closer!" Comfort fit, with carpenter styling. Utility loop on left, utility pockets on right. Deep, reinforced front and back pockets. Heavy-du...

I wanna make a poster with a really smart saying that will make them react to it that way they notice me and I'll somehow make them fall in love with me. 0.0

Southernism. (I used to know some people in a band called Month of Sundays. They were from Atlanta. :P )

Add ANYBODY you want to this board!! :) heck do ALL yalls followers and everyone :) thanks Luvs!

- ̗̀ P I N T E R E S T : @cocoancinnamon

its hilarious because at the part where it says she became an emotional mess is the same part that i started to cry | "Afterparty" | Couldn't wait till the 4th. George knows how to party. That's Paul Revere in the back with pizza and beer. John Hancock gets all the chicks. You know what they say: big signature, big ----. Or is it the other way?

people at school Sherlock style.<==I DON'T HAVE FRIENDS.....I only have one.....and LESTRADE. LET'S JUST SAY THERE'S ALOT OF ANDERSONS AT MY SCHOOL, OK???? Ehehehehe...and that I'm pretty good at making scherlock-style insults when they start acting like Anderson......EHEHEHEHE....:p : D

I wish my family knew this about me, but how could they when I didn't even know it about myself. Now that I do though, I would want them to know....that I know everything. I know exactly what happened and why, even though they are too coward to say. #DeCroceFamilyValues